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Why join the club? PDF Print E-mail
1. The Club provides a series of water ski and wakeboard lessons every summer to members (children and adults) of all levels and ability.  As with all Club activities, the lessons are run by experienced volunteers from the club.  With their competent teaching talents, these lessons are extremely popular and successful.  What better way to introduce newcomers to the sport of water skiing or wakeboarding and to continue to improve their skill and confidence levels?  The Club provides a supervised and safe training site, as well as open water skiing and wakeboarding, with a perfect safety record.
2. A slalom course owned by the Club is open to all members.  A short lesson on how to operate the course is required prior to use by members (email request for lesson).  The course is located in the Cove.  Individual Club members can also ski the course mid-week.  For more information about course skiing on the lake, contact us.
3. A highlight of the Club's summer are the weekend camping/water skiing and wakeboarding trips to various private lakes.  These excursions are sponsored by the Club and average three a year.  These trips provide a wonderful opportunity to ski or wakeboard to exhaustion and then relax and socialize with family and friends around the campfire!  The Club covers the cost of the lake rental, camping and gas for the ski boats.  We also offer opportunities for lake outings which may require participants to pay a nominal charge per family.
4. The Club also organizes weekday trips to other private ski lakes in the Western Washington area for those with the desire to take their skiing to the next level!  Locations depend upon what can be scheduled, and there is typically a nominal fee based on the number of passes (through the buoy slalom course) or amount of skiing each member does.  A core group of members generally participates regularly throughout the season and are always looking for more eager members to join the fun.

The Club organizes two water skiing tournaments each season - Aquafest, held in the month of July, and one other more informal tournament - generally held on the morning of the end-of-the-season party.  These are a wonderful opportunity for the kids and beginners who have just started out to have a chance to compete in a very supportive environment, while also offering competition for the serious skier or boarder.

The season kick-off and ending parties are held in late spring and late summer.  These are potluck parties at the waterfront home of a Club member.  These are parties not to be missed!!  All members and their families are welcome and it's a great chance to participate in yet more waterfront activities, while getting to know other Club members.  It's always a blast!